Week Ahead: Lucy Chambers

May 30, 2011 in Updates

Availability this week: 5 days

Availability next week: 1/2 day Monday (Although will make the coord, CKAN and OpenSpending calls)

Past Week

  • OKF Starter’s Guide (Part of OKF Manual) for Kat
  • Wrote OpenSpending Launch – now needs publishing
  • Catchup with numerous volunteers
  • CKAN Roundup
  • Created Logo for Stickers for OKCon
  • Worked on OKF User’s Manual
  • Open Data Challenge
  • Highrise binge

Week Ahead

  • Catch up with Argentina and Mexico re: their data in OpenSpending
  • Work with Martin Keegan on documentation for OpenSpending
  • Open Data Challenge Judging Procedure
  • Update projects page
  • Catch up with blog backlog
  • Get Stickers Printed for OKCon
  • Publish OpenSpending Launch

Overflow from last week

  • OKF User’s Manual
  • Add existing volunteers to email list
  • Update Events
  • Curate ideas.okfn.org

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