Week ahead: Laura James

December 19, 2011 in People, Updates

Availability: Mon am, Tue-Fri

To date (since 1 November, extremely part time):

  • Briefings with Rufus, meeting various OKFN people
  • Evaulating potential funding bids, bid writing, calls related to this…
  • Planning mini fundraising drive for Dec
  • Wrote and submitted JISC bid for TEXTUS/OpenPhilosophy.org
  • OpenGLAM workshop meeting new contacts and getting up to speed
  • Learning about projects and meeting more people during all hands week
  • Helping flesh out Panton Fellowship plans
  • Getting accounts set up, working out where things are, catching up with what’s going on

This week:

  • Up to 3 days or so this week
  • Handover with Jason (lots of this in coming days/weeks)
  • Evaluation of potential funding bids, focus on those due January. Contributing to some bid writing
  • Getting more up to speed with projects and finances
  • Catch up with backlog from last week (email, admin tasks)
  • Any remaining Jonathan Gray handover
  • Follow-up tasks from board meeting last week

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