Week Ahead: Kat Braybrooke

February 7, 2012 in People, Updates


  • Monday to Friday, late morn/aft to late evening.

L A S T    W E E K


  • planning, public promo/invites, presentation scheduling, cleanup
  • thankyous, after-report twitterfeed and blog posts here and here

 Local Chapters

  • calls, meetings & welcomes re: Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Finland, Greece, Australia.
  • Created tools/websites/mailing lists for Greece [Trac Ticket], Belgium [Trac Ticket]
  • Catchup call re: updates & budgets with Rufus, Laura
  • On Friday, organised/chaired monthly OKFN: LOCAL catchup call [Etherpad here]

Meetings/ Collaborations

  • Met Oxfam at C4CC re open data workshop, met re: FuturEverything / Manchester MATlab at C4CC re Open Design/Hardware WG
  • Created Re:publica open data community workshop proposal with PublishWhatYouFund
  • Emails re: meetings in Switzerland during LIFT conference this month


  • Calls and discussions w Laura, Juha, Jussi and others re Finnish Coord & Comm Coordinator Role
  • Meetings at Finnish Institute re the Monday public announcement.
  • With Juha/Jussi, finished copy for official announce on Monday
  • Met with Juho re: Research Business Track


  • Started design mock-up for the new OKFest website [Trac Ticket], tested potential designs and activated domain on OKFN blogfarm.

T H I S    W E E K

Meetings/ Collaborations

  • Schedule meeting with Primavera in Paris re: Open Design/Hardware WG
  • Go to Broadening Hackdays event re: National Archives in London


  • Public OKFest announcement on Monday – blog post, Twitter promo, email sendouts
  • Meet w Massimo re: Open Design/Hardware OKFest & OKFN WG
  • Schedule future meetings of core orgs with Juha

Local Chapters

  • Create OKFN: LOCAL websites / lists / wikis for new groups in Switzerland, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India
  • Set new OKFN: LOCAL website theme layout for Finland, Brasil, Italy
  • Catch-up calls with OKFN: LOCAL/ Brasil; w Daniel re: Bosnia & Herzegovina fundraising
  • Schedule meetings in Switzerland re: LIFT conference & OKFN: LOCAL group

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