Week Ahead: Laura Newman

February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: All week.

This Week

Panton Fellowships [1d]

  • Publish second blog post
  • Continue promotion (tweeting etc)
  • Contact Cambridge university careers service
  • Send advert round mailing lists

School of Data [1.5d]

  • Contact people who have registered interest over the weekend.
  • Arrange skype calls with potential collaborators (to take place next week)
  • Contact Chloe to discuss design of learning challenges
  • Move forwards with concrete details for the school

Open Data Manual [0.5d]

  • Call to discuss possible collaboration with Norwegian ODM.
  • Once v1.0 is frozen, begin push for translations.


  • Continue with WG audit stage one [0.5d] and move on to stage two [1d]. Discuss plans with Theo (Mon pm). Spreadsheet here
  • Update Open Science website to new theme, rationalise content etc [0.25d] (Tues pm)
  • Add WG coords to team page – split team page into subsections? [0.25d]
  • Get Universal Subtitles tutorial (ask Lucy) [0.1d]
  • Promote #OpenDataCBG, push for lightening talks [0.2d]
  • Monday calls, core admin etc.

Last Week

Panton Fellowships

  • Drafted second blog post
  • Advert in carousel (thanks to Sam Smith and Kat!)
  • Strategy for advertising round two.

School of Data

  • Announce post!
  • First round of interested people added to mailing list
  • Initial contact with organisations potentially interested in collaborating. (Friedrich to contact Tactical Tech, thanks Friedrich!)
  • Calls with OSI, Rufus and Philipp Schmidt

Open Data Handbook

  • Name change, from Open Data Manual to Open Data Handbook


  • Began WG audit stage one – 80% complete. Spreadsheet here
  • Work to Change the World event at Cambridge university (Thursday)
  • Straplines added to team page
  • Open-development website created.
  • Monday calls, core admin etc.

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