Weekly Update: Sam Leon

March 19, 2012 in People, Updates

Availability Monday-Wednesday in London. Thursday-Friday THATCamp Luxembourg.

Last Week

TEXTUS (2.5d)

  • User Requirements II at Goldsmiths – went up Friday
  • EU Consortium FP7 bid

Open Biblio (1.5d)

  • Open Biblio sprint with Naomi, Laura, Etienne, Mark M, Mahendra (Dev CSI)
  • Possible collaboration for Dev ART end of 2012 – call booked with Kat and Mahendra next week
  • Planning for Open Biblio sprint
  • Annotated Books Online project with Etienne and TEXTUS

DM2E (1d)

  • Loading project content and blogging kick-off event on http://dm2e.eu with Joris

This Week


  • EU Consortium FP7 bid
  • THATCamp in Luxembourg Thursday-Friday
  • Initiate Open Humanities stand-up currently Tuesday & Thursday
  • Second part of meeting at Goldsmiths to be written up on project blog



  • Document and write up “Hack the Record” at the National Archives (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Open GLAM stream at OKFest calls (Tuesday)

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