Week Ahead: Kat Braybrooke

April 2, 2012 in People, Updates


  • Mon – Thurs -> Friday traveling to Greece for OKFN Event

L A S T W E E K | 19/03/12 – 23/03/12


  • Many sprints/ meetings/ calls/ edits re: final additions to the two OKFest Calls for Proposals [Topic Streams, Individual Submissions], released for public on Wed
  • OKFN Blog post about Call for Submissions and OKFestival ‘experimental’ ethos
  • More work on finalising OKFestival Advisory Board
  • Update OKFest website with new changes (Call for Proposals/ Advisory Board)
  • Draft/publishing of new public FAQ page for attendants with OKFestival details/ethos/themes/contacts – on website and in mailouts
  • Call for Proposals shared with several mailing lists (from OKFN-discuss to other public non OKFN lists)
  • Initial planning re: workshop at Tallinn Free City for Open Design/OKFest

Local Chapters

  • Started new OKFN: LOCAL website for Australia (in progress)
  • Conf Calls re: OKFN Spain and discussions re: OKFN Nigeria & Eastern Europe
  • More research and discussions re: OKFN in India
  • Updates/support re: OKFN Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Belgium
  • Started on presentation for OKFN Greece Meetup next week

Core Meetings/ Collaborations/ Design

  • Meeting in London to finalise Re:Publica workshop re: open data community building with PublishWhatYouFund.org (now on conference website here)
  • Meeting re: OpenDev and OpenArt events next Spring

T H I S W E E K | 02/04/12 – 06/04/12


  • Finalise prospective members of OKFestival Advisory Board
  • Send emails/ official invites for OKFestival Advisory Board
  • Support re: OKFestival Call for Submissions

Local Chapters

  • Get chapter updates for monthly report
  • Friday: presenting about OKFN at Greece Open Knowledge Meetup in Thessaloniki
  • Set up new OKFN: LOCAL website theme layouts and websites for Finland, Brasil, Italy, Australia, Netherlands(?), South Africa(?), BiH
  • Go through Local Chapter wikis & create new ones as needed
  • Introductory Calls re: OKFN Romania, OKFN Nigeria
  • Get updates re: Netherlands and South Africa; answer queries re: OKFN India
  • Schedule next monthly OKFN:LOCAL Skype meeting

Core Meetings/ Collaborations

  • Meeting re: open data in Canada (Open North)


  • Build banner or related image for new OKFN:LOCAL sites
  • Help with theme/redesign of openeconomics.net


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