Week Ahead: Kat Braybrooke

May 21, 2012 in People, Updates

A V A I L A B I L I T Y |

  • London Mon-Fri, woot!

F A O |

  • The final deadline for OKFestival submissions is June 2nd; the thirteen 2012 festival Topic Streams are published here and their Guest Programming Teams notified; Call for Proposals released (please share if people need clarification about festival details!)

L A S T  W E E K   | 14-18 May 2012


  • Published OKFN blog post + public posts + promo + form re: 2nd and last Call for Proposals – shared everywhere!
  • Further meetings re: organisation/facilitation of Guest Programme Planners of the 13 Topic Streams
  • Initial travel scheduling for OKFestival Core Organiser Sprint #2 in Helsinki early June
  • Worked on OKFestival website adding new pages and summaries of past few weeks planning
  • Meeting w Darwin re: OKFestival project management & finances (thanks Darwin!)
  • Finish preparing/learning Github/ making slidedeck for public workshop at FABSummit for FutureEverything festival in Manchester on OKFestival and Open Design Topic Stream as example of its collaborative approach
  • Promoted OKFestival slidedeck presentation to explain festival in 14 slides; has now gotten 1800 + views on Web – yay!
  • Presented OKFestival at #OpenDataCBG in Cambridge

Local Chapters

  • Scheduled meetings for this week re: strategy of OKFN:LOCAL Eastern Europe and South America
  • Meeting re OKFN:LOCAL India and local events in July

Core Meetings/ Collaborations

  • Created 1st informal/public ‘Open Knowledge Drinks‘ meetup for Manchester during FutureEverything; shared with contacts
  • Support re #BiblioHack event and Drinks and Data pre-event
  • FutureEverything conference Thurs-Fri-Sat, Manchester

T H I S W E E K | 14-18 May 2012


  • OKFest Core Organiser day sprint (virtual) on Wednesday re: keynote speakers & sponsorship
  • Further organisation of Guest Programme Planners of the 13 Topic Streams; first meeting of planning leaders on Friday
  • Finalise planning for OKFestival Core Organiser Sprint #2 in Helsinki early June

Local Chapters

  • Publish blog post  on OKFN Blog with updates and photos re: conclusion of trip to Thessaloniki, Greece a few weeks ago for OKFN:LOCAL Greece panel series at Aristotle University
  • Figure out strategy re potential connections within OKFN:LOCAL Eastern Europe and South America w Martin, Velichka, LauraJ
  • Other OKFN:LOCAL community meetings – getting caught up on all updates – creating tools needed – this is my big focus this week.

Core Meetings/ Collaborations

  • Dorkbot 78 on Wed night, London; HackerNews meetup Fri night, London
  • Meetings re: next #OpenDataLDN meetup

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