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Week Ahead: Sam Smith

Sam Smith - August 29, 2012 in Design, Updates

Availability: Tue – Fri

This week:

  • OKFest – move logos from header into sidebar, incorporate visualisation into theme, create shortcode to embed visualisation, add text area into header “learn more about this #okfest hashtag visualisation”
  • OKFN homepage call to action
  • School of data site layout

Week Ahead: Tom Rees

Tom Rees - August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: Tues – Fri

This Week

  • Services super-triage meeting
  • Await final contract from IBP & schedule work
  • Dashboard user stories: Implementation phase
  • Fix up DashScrape in Heroku deployment

Last Week

  • Multiple work-planning meetings
  • GW project deployment/handover/invoicing
  • Get restored
  • Copywriting duties
  • Coordinating new hires
  • Clean up old dashboard scrapers
  • Activity API implementation phase

Notes on Organizations and Organizational Structure

Rufus Pollock - August 27, 2012 in Organization, Research

Somewhat random notes (accumulating over time – first set from early 2012) on organizations and organizational structure.


  • Netflix: “Highly aligned – loosely coupled”
  • Common feature of the more high-tech is high / very competitive compensation
    • Netflix: we pay at the top of the range, we lose anyone who isn’t a star performer
    • Valve: our compensation is very competitive
  • CLOU = Colleague Letter of Understanding
    • Every year, each Morning Star employee negotiates a Colleague Letter of Understanding (CLOU) with the associates who are most affected by his or her work. A CLOU (pronounced “clue”) is, in essence, an operating plan for fulfilling one’s mission. An employee may talk to 10 or more colleagues during the negotiations, with each discussion lasting 20 to 60 minutes. A CLOU can cover as many as 30 activity areas and spells out all the relevant performance metrics. All together, CLOUs delineate roughly 3,000 formal relationships among Morning Star’s full-time employees.


Week ahead: Naomi Lillie

Naomi Lillie - August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: Mon, Thu Foundation Administration; Tue, Wed Community Coordination. Likely to be working half-days on Fridays in the run-up to OKFest, but not generally available.

Last week

  • Community Coordination
  • Foundation Administration
    • Induction of Meg Foulkes mostly on-hold due to tech issues
    • Wolfpack meeting, Management meeting
    • Jobs – acknowledged applications, updated spreadsheet and applicants
    • Finance – pay-run, invoices, donations, reconciliation

This week

  • CC
    • #OpenDataEDB Meet-up this Thursday!
    • Following up with Scotland community
    • OKFest help – managing volunteers, dealing with ad hoc OKFN and general enquiries
    • Finalise budget for JISC Open Biblio 2 project – waiting on DevCSI
    • Open Academia call
  • FA
    • Induct Meg Foulkes, gremlins permitting
    • Jobs – no live jobs so general maintenance
    • Finance – invoice processing, donations, reconciliation, pay run

The Week Ahead

Michael Bauer - August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: All Week, except maybe wednesday noon-afternoon

Last Week

My first week at OKFN!

  • School of Data
    • Concept & Roadmap (Lot’s of discussions)
    • Making the Handbook usable with the existing Content
    • Creating an Initial Course
  • Labs
    • Introductions
    • Looking into Grano for more detail

This Week

  • School of Data
    • Creating the first Course (at least 5 more modules)
    • Discussion on the Webpage layout
    • Starting Walkthrough Netneutrality map (?) <- I’ll talk about this more soon..
    • find out on workshop around tanzania

Week ahead: Laura James

Laura James - August 27, 2012 in Updates

Availability: Low! Urgent and important interruptions only will be handled. Cambridge most of the week, London Thursday.

Last week:

  • More LOD2 project support around budgets and reporting
  • EC ODP call with Bastiaan
  • Meeting with bank manager
  • Support for bids and potential new contracts as usual
  • More discussions with Rufus, Marcus
  • reviewed and wrote up bulk of a document describing project statuses at end of 2011-12 financial year
  • Kicked off audit work
  • Commissioned insurances
  • Contracts and agreements for small projects starting up
  • New contractor contract
  • Negotiations for EC funded project
  • Payments, invoices, HR issues as usual

This week:

  • GCloud bid
  • OSF School of Data financial reporting for Laura N
  • Management meeting
  • Closing out JISC TEXTUS
  • decisions around DM2E
  • Urgent AND important interruptions if any and if I can fit them in

Subsequent weeks (noted here because some of this work is Important and cannot be postponed much more, making it also Urgent, but not managing to fit it in quite yet. But it will prevent other things from happening in coming weeks!)

  • Enrich financial model & use it to flesh out possibilities (overdue)
  • Strategy!
  • Audit preparation
  • New contracts for all following new contract form; role descriptions etc
  • Cookies (pending new foundation admin)

Week Ahead: Laura Newman

Laura Newman - August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: All week in Cambridge

This Week

School of Data

  • Re-vamp website; content & design
  • Identify a cohort to take initial School of Data courses
  • OSF report
  • DataKind
  • Plan OKFest session
  • Arrange Jen’s trip to Europe
  • P2PU budget & financial review


  • Sort out the cross-stream session with development
  • Contact all speakers, make sure they know one another
  • Sales push for science attendees
  • Contact working group lists
  • Resolve some timetable clashes / confusion on the schedule

Community / Other

  • Contact Meg to discuss info@ etc.
  • Contact Mark, follow up from Data Challenge weekend
  • India blog posts – publish Mumbai & Delhi
  • Write final India post
  • Sort out event attendance process
  • Team page


  • People page on the Wiki
  • PDF of ODH

Last Week

School of Data

  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • India blog post
  • Slide deck preparation & talk at Oxford Open Science event
  • Prep for Velichka
  • Inducted Michael Bauer
  • Began course drafting – experimentation with P2PU site.


  • Updated stream pages
  • Sorted planners passes
  • Science & Culture Hackday
  • Plans for science / Panton stickers

Community / Other

  • Blog post for Labs
  • Oxford Open Sci event – Panton catch-up
  • Attended Data Development Challenge day at the Guardian

Week Ahead: Daniel Dietrich

Daniel Dietrich - August 27, 2012 in People, Updates


Calendar Week 35: Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 18:00.


  • OKFest: organizing OGD stream and Transport data stream
  • ePSI: organizing PSI sectorial workshop
  • OGD Toolkit: drafting
  • Open Data landing page
  • OKF DE: Berlin Open Data meeting
  • OKF DE: general assembly
  • OKF DE: meeting of the advisory board


  • OKFest: organizing OGD stream and Transport data stream
  • ePSI: organizing PSI sectorial workshop
  • OGD Toolkit: drafting
  • Open Data landing page


Week Ahead: Kat Braybrooke

Kat Braybrooke - August 20, 2012 in People, Updates

A V A I L A B I L I T Y |

  • London (Google Campus) Monday. London (Finnish Institute) Tuesday. London (cafes) Wednesday. Berlin (panel at Campus Party) Thurs. London (Google Campus) Friday.

L A S T W E E K | Aug 13 – 17, 2012


  • Meetings to decide 2nd round Travel Bursary recipients (we got 200+ applicants from both rounds!!!) with the Core OKFest Organisers in Finland and liase with the Sida development practitioner fund in Norway
  • Other meetings during Core OKFest Organisers Sprint (happened last week in Helsinki, meeting livestream excerpt at
  • Working to make sure sessions/hackathons/events finalised with summaries for Topic Stream pages for release of interactive online schedule on website later this week
  • Website help + cache issues + many new pages made
  • Last bits of invited + Featured Speakers and morning INSPIRE plenary scheduling
  • Meetings re catching up OKF community team on OKFest

Local Chapters / Regional Groups

  • More intros (and postponement of future steps until fall) of incoming regional group proposals

T H I S W E E K | Aug 20 – 24, 2012


  • Major: Drafting + sharing Weekly Countdown Bulletin (4 wk countdown!) to several internal festival lists/aliases and an external blog post/summary to external lists/individuals
  • Major: Finish interactive week schedule + session pages for public release on Web
  • Major: Call outs to media/press to share OKFest
  • Meeting at Finnish Institute re: budget, re: new interns and organisers, re: internal organisational issues
  • Finish notifying last recipients of travel bursaries (Sida)
  • Finish INSPIRE morning plenary keynote schedule for Web

Local Chapters / Regional Groups

  • Finish setting up tools for Romania w further discussion re Eastern Europe blog
  • Finish helping OKF Spain group get set up online
  • Update Regional Groups + Chapters page with updates re: postponement of this process until after OKFest >

Weekly Update: Michael Bauer

Michael Bauer - August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Availability: All Week

​This Week

School of Data

  • Initial introduction ot the School of Data
  • Brainstorming with Laura Newman and Jen Lowe on tasks
  • Restructuring the Handbook
  • Getting to know life at the OKFN.