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Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - September 5, 2011 in Updates

Not much new stuff to report…

Submitted an entry to DPLA sprint competition re. BibServer work so far. Apart from that, much the same this week as last week – continuing work on BibServer code, and continuing the push to get proposals accepted.

I should be available all Monday, most of Tuesday daytime, and most of Wednesday too.

Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - August 29, 2011 in Updates

Last week I finished the re-write of the OBSTM paper and sent it off for acceptance. I also did some more talking and writing re. open biblio proposals, and did some work with Rufus and Jim aligning all the various open biblio user stories across different projects.

This week I will be:

  • updating bibserver code and the install instructions so that a test sysadmin can install a local version
  • clearing out old code from the bibserver repo, so we have a simple base to build on
  • finishing off open biblio proposal
  • sending out some mails to the openbiblio-dev list to get further feedback on bibJSON

I will be available:

  • all Monday
  • Tuesday 2 – 5
  • most of Wednesday

week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - August 22, 2011 in Open Bibliography, Updates

I was working this weekend with Rufus on BibServer stuff, making it fit more with the way OKF are building things – e.g. using Flask.

I have also moved the FacetView jquery plugin I made to an OKF repo instead of my own one. We could use this as James Harriman-Smith requested, and as demonstrated at as an easy way to embed searchable views of Annotator comments – either on specific topics or in general.

This week I will be available all of Monday, and on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. I would particularly like to talk to Jason about funding proposals.

Other things to do this week:

  • start the coord calls as Lucy is on holiday
  • submit the reviewed version of the OBSTM paper now that Peter and I have altered it based on peer review feedback.
  • submit further funding proposal by the end of the week

week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before 1700.

At the weekend I was at text camp 2011, which was lots of fun. We had various discussions about how annotator and other tools can be used to help academic research. During the day, I helped James Harriman-Smith to be able to easier find annotations with particular qualities by indexing all the annotator comments via elasticsearch, and making them available via facetview.

This week I will be:

  • making the facetview jquery code available via a repo
  • continuing to work on a proposal for ongoing JISC open biblio work
  • working to complete phase 2 of bibserver work
  • updating bibserver website and roadmap

week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week I was at the RepoFringe conference along with Peter Murray-Rust. I gave a presentation about open scholarship – briefly outlining what it is or could be, and looking to engage with people on enabling it.

The presentation was well received, although subsequent discussion stalled somewhat on issues of the differences between different types of community – for example, humanities vs sciences. Whilst there are undoubtedly differences, I think we would all be served better by focussing on the similarities. Although it is not beneficial to attempt to make different people communicate in a uniform fashion, there are undoubtedly shared values between these sorts of community.

Therefore, the scope of open scholarship should cover any community that can share in common goals over and above their particularities. So the definition of open scholarship must be vague – not even a definition, but a list of demands; and as scholarship is an activity in which we and our communities partake, these cannot be demands that we make of others; these should be demands of ourselves – what we demand of each other and of anyone that wishes to be part of a community named open scholarship.

As the purpose of scholarship is to discover and disseminate new ideas (at least, that is what I am currently claiming it to be), the demands of open scholarship should form a code of practice for a scholar of any sort.

Scholars are not limited to a particular discipline; they are not limited to a particular institution; they are not limited to a particular activity. In fact, every person, to some extent, is a scholar.

Anyway, this week I will be continuing to develop these concepts of open scholarship, and hoping to author a list suitable for dissemination similar to the open definition and the panton principles. This will be ongoing at, then moved to a more permanent home once stabilised.

I will also be continuing work on the Open Biblio / BibServer projects, doing some coding on the prototype (should have an alpha up soon for the brave), and writing various funding proposals to expand on this work.

I am available this week any day except Wednesday.

Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week I will be continuing work on BibServer. Now that the prototype service is up and running, I will be pulling data from the old sites then re-pointing the domain names; after that, just need to do a bit more work to enable a small group of people to start testing it and getting feedback via issue tracker.

Also, the RepoFringe conference is on this week in Edinburgh; I will be attending along with Peter Murray-Rust, and we are having an open knowledge / open scholarship workshop activity; we hope to generate a definition of open scholarship, or perhaps a list open scholarship goals would be more appropriate. I will also make efforts to promote open bibliography and OKF in general, and look for any potential project and funding opportunities.

With any luck I will get the BibServer code to a reasonable state to allow people at the conference to start playing with it too, and get a bit of impact there.

Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - July 25, 2011 in Updates

This week, I will be getting a prototype instance of Bibserver up and running.

Also, I will be meeting with Primavera again to see how PDW stuff is going.

There is potential too for building SWORD2 into CKAN – I will talk to Rufus about that.

I am available most of this week.

Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized, Updates

Back to normal this week after meetings in London, followed by OKCON, a few days holiday in Berlin, more meetings in London, and the JISC Expo in Manchester.

Availability this week: Not Tuesday afternoon but fairly open apart from that.

JISC Open Bibliography is officially done now, so I will be focussing on BibServer work and also on helping Primavera with PDW stuff.

Our final project post has been up for a couple of weeks at, and was reproduced on last week. I will be putting up a post about the JISC Expo and ongoing bibserver work to the blog soon.

Week ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - June 20, 2011 in Open Bibliography, Updates

This week I will be somewhat available Monday and Tuesday, although have a few things to do particularly later in the day. Phone or email probably the best contact options particularly earlier in the week. From Wednesday onwards should also be around.

Things to do this week:

  • get BibServer paperwork completed and returned
  • get my OKF paperwork completed and returned
  • catch up with Jonathan and Jason on Tuesday morning
  • complete report for JISC open bib project
  • confirm people are organised for JISC expo
  • further work on Bibserver / bibliographica collections – try to get it done before project end
  • meet with JP and RJ re. Bibserver WP2 and continue work on it
  • meet with AP and write intro for open bib activity at OKCON

Week Ahead: Mark MacGillivray

Mark MacGillivray - June 13, 2011 in Open Bibliography, Updates

Last week

Last week I worked a fair bit with Peter Murray-Rust and Jim Pitman to turn the reports we are writing about open bibliography into exemplars of the various pieces of technology we have been working on during the JISC open bib project, and continue to work on in the last few weeks of this project and the ongoing BibServer project.

We considered getting an entry into the DevCSI challenge, but there was not enough time to get a prototype ready. However, I look forward to the outcome of the PyDAP work on CKAN.

Apart from that, I also got sick and had a cold, so did not get to do much more.

This week

This week I will continue working with Peter and Jim, and also should work with Ben to connect up Bibliographica collections with BibServer displays.